REC Peak Energy REC265PE - 265 Wp


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REC Peak Energy REC265PE - 265 Wp

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REC Peak Energy REC265PE - 265 Wp (4BB)

REC Peak Energy REC265PE - 265 Wp (4BB) Solar modules for



REC Peak Energy

If you are investing in a solar system for your home, the installed modules should function properly throughout the lifetime of this investment. Product quality, reliability and performance therefore play an important role. The REC-Modulf Family Peak Energy offers you the certainty of a solid investment. Features The highly acclaimed Peak Energy modules from REC are manufactured in a fully automatic process. The result is outstanding product quality and top performance throughout the entire life of the module. You just get more.

  • Robust & durable design

    As the largest European brand for solar modules, REC is proud of the quality of its products. REC modules are designed to withstand high loads from snow and wind. The special frame design prevents frost damage and allows snow to slip easily. In addition, REC modules undergo hard internal tests to avoid damage to handling and to ensure that they deliver first-class results even under difficult external conditions.

    • Optimized for all irradiation conditions

      Peak Energy modules also deliver strong performance at the cell and module level thanks to innovative technologies on the cell and module level, even in low or diffuse sunlight, for example during sunrise and sunset or when the sky is cloudy.

      One year energy recovery time The peak energy modules of REC have only a small carbon footprint and an industry-leading energy recovery time of approximately one year.

      This means that Peak Energy modules have already produced the same amount of energy required for their production in just one year. After that every kilowatt hour is a profit.

      • variations

        The main function of solar modules is electricity generation. Especially in private homes, however, they also have to satisfy aesthetic requirements. The Peak Energy modules from REC come in a variety of designs and technical designs, so you can choose the best optics for your home.

        Compare each data sheet: REC Peak Energy Series (silver or black frame)

        • guarantee

          REC solar modules are equipped with extensive guarantees as standard - additional security you can rely on

          25 years linear performance warranty This warranty ensures that your REC solar modules deliver exactly the expected results - year after year, 25 years of 10 years product warranty

          This warranty promises that the processing and materials of the solar modules retain their superior quality for at least 10 years.

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REC Peak Energy REC265PE - 265 Wp

REC Peak Energy REC265PE - 265 Wp

REC Peak Energy REC265PE - 265 Wp


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