Sunload Solar Charger Set EnerPlex Packr green + M5


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Sunload Solar Charger Set EnerPlex Packr GREEN+ M5

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Sunload Solar Charger Set EnerPlex Packr Green + M5

  • Sunload Solar Charger Set EnerPlex Packr Green + M5

The EnerPlex Packr is a modern, sleek solar integrated backpack, capable of charging many electronics in less than 3 hours.

Integrated with flexible ‘solar on plastic’, the Packr’s solar is seamlessly incorporated into the pack. The flexibility and durability of the solar panel makes the Packr the one of the most state-of-the-art solar integrated backpack on the market.

Padded interior laptop sleeve with charging pass-through Interior compartments with several pockets and charging pass-through 2 external zippered pockets for water bottles Business supply compartments for pens, business cards, and more Padded, adjustable shoulder straps


Product: 495x381x165mm

Power: 3.5 Watt Unregulated 3.0 Watt, 5 Volt System regulated 0.6 Amp Output

Weight: 825g

Sunload MultECon Charger M5 Made in Germany The M5 is our “small” MultECon Charger (Multi-Energy-Controller) with integrated hig power Li-Ion-battery and unique measuring functions.

charger m5

With the M5 you can charge cell phones, iPhone, MP3-player, digital cameras (some models), GPS- and other small devices. The M5 fits perfectly to portable solar panels, but it’s also possible to charge it by car or power supply. Small, powerful, autonomic: Enough energy, always and everywhere – for cell phones, MP3-Player, GPS. Charge the M5 by the sun, 12V car adapter or power supply and load your mobile phone at the same time. Simple:

For all who like to have it uncomplicated: switch on, switch off and check the battery status. Plug and Play and you see what you get.



For all who wants to know it exactly: with the unique energy monitor to check the battery status, loading trend, solar power, output power and stored energy without connecting additional measurement devices. So it is really easy, to place the solar module exactly in the sun, to measure the actual solar power or to show how much solar energy you saved in a certain period of rime.


Solar energy is precious.

Therefore a MPPT control maximizes the solar power and different energy saving mechanisms minimize the consumption (for example, SLEEP-Modus).

Technical specifications | m5 MPP-Tracking:

Increases the solar yield by up to 20%

Measuring: Solar Power Display, charge current, capacity, including alphanumeric display DC IN: 6 V up to max. 30 V, max. 6 W DC OUT: 5 V, max. 900 mA, standard USB port (charge only)

Battery: Quality Li-Ion, 3.7 V / 1.8 Ah, 5 Wh Weight / Size: 115 g / 95 x 65 x 22 mm Port OUT: USB Port IN: common input for Solar panels, 12 V-CLA-adapter, 100V-240 V wall plug Accessories | m5: 12-part adapter set for cell phones, wall plug 100V-240V

Scope of delivery: EnerPlex Packr Backpack with 3Wp solar panel, Sunload MultECon Charger M5 Accessories: 12 pieces adapter set for mobile phones, power supply (100V-240V)







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Sunload Solar Charger Set EnerPlex Packr green + M5

Sunload Solar Charger Set EnerPlex Packr green + M5

Sunload Solar Charger Set EnerPlex Packr GREEN+ M5

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