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Tracklight 30W LED


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LED Track Light for Shop Light 30W Angle 44°

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Language German
Light Shopsysteme -Schienensystem
Power Range 30W
Sales VPE
Packing Original Packing
Gewicht 1002g
Year of Production 2017
Energieeffizienzklasse EEK A+
Life span 50.000 Stunden
Availability sofort
Angle 44 Grad

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LED Track Light 30W Beam Angle 44°

LED Tracks lights work for you by acting on the following advantages over traditional lighting systems for both the buyer and consumer.

They offer huge energy efficiency whilst also maintaining quality in light performance and due to the long lasting nature of LED’s they also offer low operational & replacement costs. Furthermore LEDs produce very little to no UV and will illuminate instantly when turned on.

LED track lighting systems are modern, bright, cost effective and powerful offering intense, defining light which is ideal for the illumination of displays and general lighting applications.

This LED track spotlight provides a wide fixable beam angle 15deg,26deg,38deg and 44deg which without the use of any additional lenses or reflectors. Due to lower carbon consumption LED track lights also offer complete compliance with local authorities which is extremely important in today’s world of complicated compliance regulations.

  • Benefits

Reduced energy consumption and operating costs by up to 80% Cool light - No UV or IR, environmental friendly Aluminum base, fully recyclable, no hazardous materials.

Easy installation and no maintenance cost for years.


  • Operational Voltage AC85-265 V 
  • Power Consumption 15 W 20 W 30 W
  • Beam Angle 15°/26°/38°/44°
  • Color Temperature 2700K~5000 K
  • CRI Min=80~90 
  • Weight  1002 g
  • Intensity of Light Output 1000~1200 lm 1900~2100 lm 2700~2900
  • lm Driver Include
  • Expected Life 50,000 hours 
  • Rating IP44

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Tracklight 30W LED

Tracklight 30W LED

LED Track Light for Shop Light 30W Angle 44°