Halo Plasma Sparks for Cars and Engines


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Halo Sparks for cars - Saving fuel - US Patent - Manufacturer Brisk

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Halo spark plugs - innovation from USA!

Get to know the new Halo spark plug. This special spark plug based on a US patent is manufactured by Brisk. The unique geometry of the spark plug head and the iridium alloy are designed for long life and optimized ignition and combustion.

The ring electrode has a 360 ° Firing Range, which means that the spark can jump in any direction, in the combustion chamber this happens at the optimum saturated point, ie, where the core head meets the most dense mixture.

As a result of the faster flame front, combustion becomes more complete and faster. This reduces harmful substances and has a favorable effect on the torque, fuel consumption and engine idle.

The spark plug head no longer consists of one or more side electrodes, but of a double-ring design in a closed design.

The HALO spark plug ignites the fuel-air mixture significantly faster and with a larger flame front. These properties result in a performance increase or a reduced fuel consumption of up to 10%, on the other hand to reduce the amount of unburnt hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide as well as the nitrogen oxides.

Halo spark plugs are available for nearly every gasoline / bioethanol / gas-powered engine.

For inquiries, please get in contact with us by sending us you email.

  • Tell us Vehicle type
  • Construction year
  • Displacement power
  • fuel
  • And if available tuning measures.
  • Also the use (sports, work equipment, travel vehicle etc.) can help us to choose the perfect candle for her.

If you are unsure about your vehicle, ask us, we will advise you and help you, we support you in the right selection!

In normal operation the manufacturer offers a warranty over 120,000Km of running capacity or 3 years of durability.


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Halo Plasma Sparks for Cars and Engines

Halo Plasma Sparks for Cars and Engines

Halo Sparks for cars - Saving fuel - US Patent - Manufacturer Brisk


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